Empleable - Boosts training and talent demanded by the labor market

Boosting training and talent demanded by the job market with Artificial Intelligence

Empleable ® is a platform powered by specialized AI to upskill and reskill the workforce, the individuals, and ensure their full potential and market fit as markets evolve.

Empleable- Artificial intelligence

Identifies Skills through AI

Determines, through Artificial Intelligence, people's soft skills and hard skills.

Empleable- Employability

Improves Employability

Find and develop skills through AI to reduce the turnover rate of companies.

Empleable- Education

Boots Continuous Education

Identifies the individual needs matching them with the specfic required training.

Empleable®’s AI finds your customized pathway with the relevant training tailored to your need

AI video analytics, non-verbal language analysis and natural language processing are the 3 technologies we use to help you identify the skills you need to advance your career.

Learn what skills are in demand in your industry or sector.

"I finally found a solution that allows me to see my abilities in order to boots my education and find my dream job."
Empleable- Candidate Testimonial
Fernando Rodriguez
Empleable - Personalize training itineraries with Artificial Intelligence
Empleable- Anticipate the market for new professional profiles

Anticipate the market for new professional profiles

Identifies emerging skills and competencies that will be in demand in the future.

Empleable- Strong and efficient teams

Build strong and efficient teams

Train skilled and committed individuals and positively impact your business results.

Empleable - Time optimization

Time optimization

Talent retention together with internal promotion allows the HR department to optimize time.

How does Empleable ® work?

Empleable- Know more about Empleable

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With Empleable ®, access quality training tailored to your needs, anytime, anywhere.

Empleable- Advanced customization

Advanced Customization

Our AI algorithms personalize course recommendations.

Empleable- Intuitive interface

Intuitive Interface

Navigate effortlessly with an intuitive interface for ease of use.

Empleable- Seamless user experience

UX/UI Experience

Smooth and consistent user experience across multiple devices, offering flexibility and convenience.

Empleable- Constant adaptation

Continuous Evolution

As skills and goals evolve, training is adapted so that it is always relevant and effective.

Empleable- Predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Anticipate future talent development needs.

Empleable- Long-term planning

Long-term Planning

Design career paths, with staged goals and iterative adjustments.


Companies will use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE as the main TOOL by 2024 according to a study developed by the consulting firm IDC.

Empleable- Build employee loyalty, generate engagement and boost your company's talent.


UpSkilling Empleable - The Employable® adaptation for companies.

Empleable ® for companies.

Build employee loyalty, generate engagement and boost talent in your company.

Develop your High-Potentials and save time

Identifies the ideal candidate for vacancies by analyzing knowledge and skills (hard and soft skills) to assess strengths and weaknesses with respect to the desired objective.

Competitiveness and innovation in your organization

Establish areas of improvement in your employees to train your team and keep it aligned with changing market demands.

Cross functions with business areas

With specific itineraries in business areas and transversal knowledge, it boosts the company's capacity to lead change, facilitating the integration of cross functions with business areas.

Training Centers

Bring your training offering to those in need

No more general communications, and curiosity contacts.  Get before the eyes and hands of those who need your specific training, qualified users and beneficiaries of your offering.

Empleable- Position your courses against the competition

Position your courses against the competition

Advance information to adjust your actions effectively.

Empleable- Enhances diversification strategy

Enhances diversification strategy

Attract new customers and expand your network of potential customers. Gain national and international visibility, reducing communication and advertising costs.

Empleable-Bring knowledge to your customers

Bring knowledge to your customers

Understand your customers' actions to improve their experience on your website.

Empleable- Adaptable training courses


Improve your profesional profile

Empleable ® improves your chances either to grow in your current path or to explore new options, by identifying the required training to reach your goals.

Improve your employability. We help you get the job you want
Empleable- Attractive profile for the labor market

Grow your skills. Build your profile to be the best for the job.

Empleable- Training and performance

Improve your capacities with specific training and improve your performance

Empleable- Customized courses and content

No need for time-consuming searches. We identify the courses and contents just for you.

Empleable- Level of commitment to your company

No need to change. Improve and grow profesionally in your current company.

Empleable- CDTI- neotec initiative
Empleable- Government of Spain- Ministry of Science and Innovation

Subsidized "Co-financed by CDTI"

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